Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga, which is suitable for beginners as well as experienced practitioners, consists of a set sequence of poses sometimes referred to as the ‘Hot 26’. Whether it is a 60 (Express), 75 or 90 minute class, the postures remain the same each time; And, in the 75 and 90 minute versions the poses are offered twice in a row in order to allow one to go deeper. Practiced in a room maintained at a temperature range of 105° – 110° Fahrenheit and 35 – 50 percent humidity, the Hot Yoga class is the highest temperature wise which allows the body to open even while moving at a slower pace.  As there are no sun salutations in this class, it is an ideal alternative for those recovering from wrist or shoulder issues.  This therapeutic and invigorating practice is a full body workout that not only aids in releasing toxins from the body while stretching and strengthening muscles, but which improves circulation and mobility of joints.