Having grown up playing a variety of sports, Meredith joined a local gym as a natural continuation of her pursuit for physical activity and wellness while living and working in New York City.  However, after years of running on a treadmill she sought a more dynamic form of exercise and tried yoga.  Although initially allured by the physical asanas, after only a few classes, she immediately noticed a difference in her battle with insomnia.  Adding heated yoga classes into the mix, Meredith continued to build on her practice and eventually began to feel a new sense of clarity and positive energy that friends and family noticed as well.  She pursued the 200-hour Yoga Alliance recognized certification from Yoga Works and founded Flex Hot Yoga in order to share the yogic experience with others.

When she’s not on the mat stretching her self-proclaimed tightest hamstrings in the Northeast,  Meredith enjoys skiing, tennis (ping-pong in the off-season), listening to a variety of music, traveling and eating just about anything with cheese.


Michele was incredibly fortunate to have had the principles of yoga instilled at a very young age through the interests of none other than her Mom.  Beautiful texts like the Bhagavad Gita, as well as stories of metaphysics and reincarnation were on the bookshelves at the Medina household.

After completing the teacher training program at Sonic Yoga, Michele assumed an approach to teaching that is both unique and incredibly soulful.  For her and her students, it’s not just a physical practice but more importantly about establishing one’s own credo and authentic approach to life.  Currently completing her 500-hour training under Will Duprey,  Michele invites you to embrace the process of introspection, creativity and action which is at the core of each and every one of her yoga classes.


Laura is a 500-hour E-RYT experienced yoga teacher. She is fascinated by the mixture of science and spirit that intertwine effortlessly with the natural rhythms of the mind and body. Besides her dedication to yoga she has also studied Thai Yoga Massage, Prenatal Yoga, and various energy healing modalities. Laura does not believe in beginner or advanced practitioners, but rather a collective gathering where we can all be inspired by the practice, encouraged to explore the unfamiliar with joyful curiosity, and celebrate obstacles overcome with gratitude and humor.  Yoga is a practice, a lifestyle, and a community!


Andrea is a passionate, energetic and spiritual teacher. Her classes are mentally and physically challenging, combining creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration to help her students deepen their practice.  In 2009, Andrea completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training with Vitality Yoga Center and she is currently completing her 500-hour advanced yoga teacher training with Lotus Flow University.  Her spunky, uplifting energy provides her students with a mentally and physically rewarding experience, and she is committed to guiding her students along the path of self-discovery and making their everyday lives healthier, brighter and happier.


Effie received her 200-hr Vinyasa Teacher Certification from The Yoga Room in January of 2012 after having practiced yoga for over 3 years. She began yoga practice during law school and realized it was more than simply a means of escape, but a fulfilling, strengthening and healing practice that refined her mental and emotional focus, clarity and stillness. Her classes are dynamic, yet focused, as they explore challenging power vinyasa standing sequences and end with a calming yin-yoga type floor sequence that allows for a well-rounded, balanced practice. Bringing her energy to the mat, she hopes to inspire others to make yoga practice their very own experience, while having fun and breathing through whatever challenges they may face.


Summer was first introduced to Yoga while working as an executive corporate trainer in Los Angeles. She was immediately inspired by the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation she experienced as a practitioner and in her life. With a strong desire to deepen her own practice and share the benefits of yoga with others, she received her 200-hr certification through Three Sisters Yoga in New York City, which led her to leaving the corporate job to pursue yoga full hearted.  And,soon after she received her 300hr advanced certification through Yogaworks NYC.  Summer has taught in both Chinese and English to practitioners of all levels and ages, from beginner to very experienced yogi.  She is excited to share this amazing experience with the community and to encourage everyone to open themselves up to the practice and in turn the possibility of finding change in their lives through their own path of transformation.


Several years ago, Marion was looking for an activity that would challenge her physically in the same fashion as sports had when she was growing up.  Her 2010 New Year’s resolution led her to a Bikram yoga studio that changed her life, and she’s been happy and sweaty ever since!  She has practiced all over the world from Italy and Hawaii to Spain and Brazil.  And, after completing her MBA in Italy to then immersing herself in an unfulfilling and stressful job, she decided to take the journey to evolve her practice and to complete her 250-hour hot yoga teacher certification with Evolation Yoga.  Marion’s goal is to serve her students by sharing the benefits and love that yoga has brought to her life.  Off the mat she’s a traveler, marketing nerd, and wannabe foodie.


Claudia was dragged to her first yoga class by her mother more than 10 years ago. That first 100+ degree, 90 minute practice transformed her life and she has been an avid yoga practitioner ever since. A self-proclaimed “gym rat”, yoga offered her a transcendent experience; a way to round out her other fitness regimes and a sanctuary from everyday chaos. She began teaching in 2006, initially the 26 posture hot series, and then drawn to the more demanding flow, concentrating on heated vinyasa. She has grown to incorporate yin elements into her challenging flow, as well as spirituality and yoga theory, knowing that yoga is so much more than the postures; it’s most essential elements being breath and presence. And, it’s that presence or awareness and breath that she encourages students to take off their mat and into their lives.


Born and raised in New York, John teaches to create an experience for students through movement and a heightened level of consciousness. He encourages students to develop a genuine and consistent practice to identify and pursue passions in life. Asana, pranayama, meditation, and music are all incorporated in his classes. Off the mat, John is a Life Coach with passions for travel, sports, and astronomy.


After finding a consistent practice at Flex Hot Yoga, Jasmine enrolled in and completed a 200 hour vinyasa teacher training through Yoga Medicine with an emphasis on anatomy and alignment. As a teacher she hopes to evoke a fun and exploratory playfulness while having a sense of flow and mindfulness. “We limit ourselves enough as it is, sometimes we need an external nudge out off our comfort zone in order to explore the outer limits of our body and mind.”


As a skier, runner, hiker and kickboxer, Donna has been an avid fitness enthusiast her entire life and she turned to yoga to complement her other fitness regimens. When she began practicing hot yoga she sought to help get her body in better shape, but it never occurred to her that it would shape her life. After completing her training under Jimmy Barkan, and becoming a certified Level I instructor in The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga, she became Level II/III and Vinyasa certified in April, 2012.  Five years later in 2017, she completed an additional 300-hr training under Barkan again to further her understating of anatomy and hands-on assists.
Donna’s belief that yoga should be accessible to all students in each class reinforces her teaching philosophy that while each person’s journey may be different, we need not walk alone. She loves to challenge and inspire, but maintain an environment for each yogi to turn their attention inward. Having been a healthcare administrator for over 25 years, Donna believes that prevention is one of the most vital components of wellness, and in yoga, one can find the tools needed to create wellness in the bodies and mind both on and off the mat.