Hot Yoga (All Levels)

Hot Yoga, which is suitable for all ages and levels of ability, consists of a set number and sequence of poses that are practiced in a room maintained at a temperature of at least 105° Fahrenheit and 40 – 50 percent humidity. Postures are held for specific time periods and there are no sun salutations, which makes it an ideal alternative for those recovering from wrist or shoulder issues. This therapeutic and invigorating practice is a full body workout that not only aids in releasing toxins from the body while stretching and strengthening muscles, but which improves circulation and mobility of joints.


Warm Align (Beginner/Intermediate)

A slower and more subdued version of the Gentle Flow class, the main focus of Warm Align is proper alignment. This class is ideal for both beginners seeking to learn the fundamentals and intermediate students seeking a more low-tempo class for an easeful opening. Variations on the sun salutations may be practiced but some of the more intermediate and  advanced poses will not be offered. A room temperature of 95° – 100° Fahrenheit is maintained to aid in loosening tight muscles and the use of props is encouraged to obtain optimal alignment.


Gentle Flow (Intermediate)

Geared towards students seeking a gentle approach to Vinyasa yoga, Gentle Flow links poses to breath to reveal body awareness through a medium paced but fluid sequence.  Beginners are encouraged to utilize modifications in poses while intermediate and advanced students are offered more challenging variations on poses.  Practiced at a temperature of 95° – 100° Fahrenheit, individuals are open to practice at an intensity of their own specific ability and will find a sense of balance and revitalization through the process.


Vinyasa (Intermediate/Advanced)

Vinyasa is a dynamic type of yoga that moves at a quicker pace and links breath with movement while following a progressive flow of one posture to the next. Sequences consist of sun salutations, forward bends, backbends and twists and may also include some inversions and arm balances. Practiced in a room maintained at 95° – 100°  Fahrenheit, this challenging sequence of poses helps to build strength, flexibility, endurance  and body awareness. Prior yoga experience is highly recommended for this class.


Calisthenics & Wall Yoga (Intermediate/Advanced)

This class takes a very different approach to traditional yoga and is more like a mini-workshop.  Practiced at a temperature  between 95° – 100°  Fahrenheit, it incorporates push-ups and plank to build the core as well as postures that focus on extreme flexibility like splits.  The first half of class is dedicated to building strength and flexibility while the latter half brings yogi’s to the wall in order to utilize it as a prop to further build on strength and flexibility through the practice of advanced poses including inversions.