Starting TimeClassInstructorLength of Class
♫ = music in class
Sunday, May 21st
9:00 AMWarm Align ♫Summer70 minutes
11:00 AMHot Yoga 75 Marion75 minutes
1:00 PMGentle Flow ♫John60 minutes
3:00 PMHot Yoga Express Marion60 minutes
Monday, May 22nd
10:00 AMGentle Flow ♫Summer60 minutes
4:00 PMWarm Align Andrea70 minutes
6:30 PMHot Yoga Express ♫Laura60 minutes
8:00 PMHot Yoga 75 Marion75 minutes
Tuesday, May 23rd
10:00 AMHot Yoga ♫Laura90 minutes
4:00 PMGentle Flow ♫Jessie60 minutes
6:30 PMHot Yoga Express ♫Laura60 minutes
8:00 PMHot YogaMarion90 minutes
Wednesday, May 24th
6:00 AMGentle Flow ♫Donna60 minutes
10:00 AMHot Yoga Express ♫Laura60 minutes
4:00 PMGentle FlowAndrea70 minutes
6:30 PMWarm Align ♫Jasmine70 minutes
8:00 PMHot Yoga Express ♫Laura60 minutes
Thursday, May 25th
10:00 AM Hot Yoga 75 ♫Marion75 minutes
4:00 PMVinyasa ♫Andrea K70 minutes
6:30 PMHot Yoga Express ♫Laura60 minutes
8:00* PMGentle Flow ♫John70 minutes
*Thursdays @ 8pm: Alternating instructors weekly.
Friday, May 26th
10:00 AMCalisthenics & Wall Yoga ♫Michele70 minutes
4:00 PMChange: Hot Yoga 75 ♫Laura75 minutes
Cancelled: 6:30 PMCancelled: Hot Yoga Express ♫xxxxxxxxxxxx
Saturday, May 27th
8:30 AMHot Yoga ♫Laura90 minutes
10:30 AMVinyasa ♫SUB: Claudia60 minutes
12:15 PM**Hot Yoga Express ♫Claudia60 minutes
Sunday, May 28th
9:00 AMChange: Warm Align SUB: John70 minutes
11:00 AMHot Yoga 75 SUB: Laura75 minutes
Cancelled: 1:00 PM**Gentle Flow ♫xxxxxxxxxxxx
Cancelled: 3:00 PM**Cancelled: Hot Yoga Expressxxxxxxxxxxxx
**12:15pm, 1pm & 3pm classes during the winter season only.